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Baterías Sony VTC 5 Falsas – Reconócelas al instante…


Hace unos meses escribí un artículo en donde compartía una información de gran utilidad. Y es que con la cantidad de replicas en el mercado, ni las baterías se salvan siendo un factor de riesgo para muchos de nosotros. En este caso os amplio iunformación compartida en la web Ecigator en donde podemos ver de manera muy gráfica como reconocer las dichosas baterías Sony VTC 5 falsas. No os dejéis engañar. Estáis avisados.

Os copio la información publicada en su web.



1: Overlook – Shrink Tube Difference


Every authentic Sony VTC5 Battery is wrapped in a smooth green shrink plastic tube with almost seamless connection, but some of the fake batteries use rough plastic tube with bad connection. Take a look at the tube before you buy it, pay attention on this issue.

overlook on real and fake sony vtc5

2)QR Code Printing

The QR Code on the real VTC5 seems to be burnt on the tube by laser or some other secret tech, very clear dots. But the code on the fake batteries seems to be printed on the plastic tube, all dots seems messed up together, especially the top and the right border.

qr code on real and fake sony vtc5

3: Top Gap Difference

Take a look at the top gap of the battery, and touch it with your finger. The real Sony VTC5 has two grooves with almost the same width, and the distance between the two grooves is shorter than the fake one or Samsung INR18650-25R.

top gap of real and fake sony vtc5

top gap of real and fake sony vtc5-2

top gap of real and fake sony vtc5-3

4: Positive Cap Difference

Now comes to the top cap of the battery. The materials of the postive cap is different between Sony VTC5 and Samsung INR18650-25R, also the depth and shape of the cap is different too. This depended on your experiences, it’s hard to spot the difference between each other, only if there are obvious failures happened on the fake batteries.

top cap of real fake sony vtc5

top cap of real fake sony vtc5-2

top cap of real fake sony vtc5-3

5: Negative Cap Difference

Same with the positive cap, it depends on your experiences, take care of this, compare them carefully to avoid fake batteries.

negative cap of real fake sony vtc5

negative cap of real fake sony vtc5

negative cap of real fake sony vtc5

6: Dimension with Plastic Tube: Sony US18650VTC5:

This dimension comes from the official Sony US18650VTC5 battery specs manual, use caliper to check the size of the battery and compare with the office dimension.

Dimension with Plastic Tube: Sony US18650VTC5

Performance: (For advanced users)

Below is the official charge and discharge load characteristics of Sony VTC5 battery.

charge characteristics of sony vtc5

discharge load characteristics of sony vtc5

discharge load characteristics of sony vtc5-2

Below is the 20A and 35A continuous test of the Authentic Sony VTC5, VCT5 counterfeit, VCT4 and Samsung INR18650-25R – by Illumination Supply

20A continuous test of sony vtc5

35A continuous test of sony vtc5

Below is the discharge curve of the real Sony VTC5 battery – presented by KeepPower Technology

discharge curve of sony vtc5

And more testing from Sun Vapers:

Fake Sony VTC5 30amp


Nowadays, the vape community loves counterfeits products, but the Battery Safety is nothing to risk on a couple of dollars saved – as mentioned on the top of this article. It’s still a professional job for most of us to identify the real and fake Sony VTC5 or other authentic batteries. Make sure you trust the distributor/seller you are buying your Sony VTC5 batteries from. It’s better to buy battery from your local shop so you can ask their tech supporters to help you choose the right one.


1: Official Sony US18650VTC5 Battery Spec Manual
Click here to download

2: How to distinguish fake Sony US18650VTC5?

3: How to Spot a Fake Sony VTC5 battery.

4: Fake VTC5 Information

5: Test/Review of Sony US18650VTC5 2600mAh (Green)

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