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Otra de las grandes novedades que nos han llegado durante el mes de Agosto es el tan esperado mod electrónico Provape Provari V3. Por fin la veremos la versión actualizada de el padre de los mods electrónicos por excelencia.  Se lleva hablando desde hace mucho tiempo de él y las espectativas han crecido desde que Phil Busardo visitó la fábrica de Provape, visita que compratimos en

Las especificaciones paracen bastante interesantes y he de deciros que aun está en fase de «pruebas para revisores y tiendas» y que su lanzamiento sera dentro de muy poco tiempo.


Características anunciadas hasta ahora: (Fuente:

P3 ProVari tension can be adjusted from 2.9 to 6.0 in increments of 0.1 volts.

● The power ProVari P3 can be set to 3 to 20 Watts in 0.2 watts.

● The top cap flat design offers a perfect hybrid, modern look with the latest Tank, clearomiseurs and atomizers.

Provari 3

● The central spindle self-adjusting contact ensures maximum compatibility with tanks and atomizers.

● The new thread of P3 is a high single connection that allows you to customize several Tanks including consumables 510, Ego and threaded P3 (forthcoming). As new connections are available, the P3 will be able to adapt with adapters screw. Ego style adapters are sold separately. While new reservoirs are developed with wire P3, they will adapt to a hybrid look perfect and modern.

● Sound Built-in screen scroll sealed with graphics-based OLED icons allows you to visually adjust your settings.

● Each device has a number of unique digital series.

Provari 3

● translucent button-pushbut- ton of seven colors lit acting a low battery warning and allows you to choose from seven color choices when the button is pressed. There is also an option to vary randomly between the seven colors.

● Sound On / Off mode allows you to turn the unit completely.

● Safety cut from 16 seconds if the button is held down for long. This cut off the device.

● The HotShot ™ Boost mode allows you to get more steam with a power gain short with each puff. It is adjustable so you can change your preferred time setting very easily.

● The Scroll OTS (edge ​​Troubleshooting System) keeps the user informed of all the problems and how to solve them with clear instructions.

● Sub-ohm capability – up to 0.70 ohms

● The amperage limit to 5 amps protects against overcurrent situations.

● The «gauge» Battery shows you how much energy is available.

Provari 3

● On-chip security provide the highest levels of security available to date on a device of this type in the world. If you press the button and can vaper is that everything is safe!

● Thermal monitoring cutting device if it detects too high a temperature.

● The IQ ™ (input quality) monitor provides information on the status of your battery and connections. This feature never seen to date not only allows you to test your batteries, but also will alert you if there is a problem with one of your contacts or electronic chips. Security is very important for battery ProVape!

● An option allows you to select how the display shows, from left to right or vice versa.

Provari 3

● Check All: Check mode All allows the user to see all critical parameters in a quick glance with one touch (adjustable parameters).

● Save Profile – Save all your favorite 5 memory locations available for quick launch your preferred configuration settings.

● The adjustment of the frame rate allows the user to select the speed of the drop down menu.

● OLED brightness control is used to vary the intensity of the display.

● the exclusive electronic switch is reliable and secure, designed for long life.

● The battery monitoring device off once the battery has reached the end of its charge.

● Protection against reverse battery maintains safe circuit if the battery is accidentally installed backwards.

● The P3 is compatible with flat top batteries.

● Component ensures high quality and reliable device.

● Made in the USA.

● 1 year warranty: Excludes accessories such as batteries and atomizers.

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● 3.5 «W x 0.90″ D without atomizer. Each expansion ring adds 0.65 » 

Provari 3


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  1. jotapeas dice:

    Menuda pintaza tiene, lo peor que le veo a este mod es que si, es máxima calidad y te durará por los siglos de los siglos pero de un año a otro han salido tropecientas alternativas más potentes.

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