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YiHi-SX Mini M class Mod – Mod de primera con control de temperatura


Los tiempos de la hegemonía de los chips de Evolv o los mods electrónicos de Provape (Provari) son historia. A día de hay se podría decir que son diversos los fabricantes de mods y chips electrónicos en el mercado internacional que están ofreciendo mejores productos con rendimientos y características de funcionamiento optimizados y por precios al alcance de la mayoría de los mortales. Dentro de estas empresas destacaría a Yihi, quien a lo largo del ultimo año ha demostrado ser una empresa que ofrece productos de altísima calidad a precios muy competitivos.

Ahora bien, el YiHi-Sx Mini M Class Mod no es precisamente un mod económico, pero cuentan con materiales, electrónica, acabado y rendimiento preciso contrastado por miles de vapers a nivel mundial. Y su éxito no se ha hecho esperar en el mercado nacional en donde algunos afortunados ya lo tienen y están encantados con ellos.

De esta manera vale la pena destacar la disponibilidad del YiHi-Sx Mini con control de temperatura en España gracias a la tienda Pinkmule ofreciéndolo en distintos colores llamativos.

Si pudiera recomendar un mod bueno….sin importar el precio, sin duda os recomendaría uno de esos.

Tenéis muchos más detalles en la web de Pinkmule en este enlace.





Just as we thought it couldn’t get any better, one of the absolutely best e-cigarettes we have ever seen has just been improved.

  • Chip: YiHi SX350 J
  • Power adjustment in Watt or Joule/Farenheit/Celcius mode.
  • Button or gravity sensor controlled Joule/Watt adjustment.
  • Mini USB connection for updating the Firmware.

The Yihi SX Mini M Class is nothing short of miraculous. The power of a steam train, the ergonomic design to die for, the reliability of a Volkswagon and, not least, the mindblowing SX350J chip. All our words of praise just don’t seem to do it justice.

The build quality is the first thing you notice. It is incredibly sturdy and has a good weight to it but still fits wonderfully in your hand. The ergonimics are amazing. You will be reluctant to put it down.

The core of the operation is the fantastic SX350J chip that gives you a TON of features. The latest is called “joule-adjustment” that will allow you to control the watt or the temperature/joule if you use a Ni200 nickle wire for your coil. It simply gives you total control and lets you be able to control the Joule/Watt adjustment using a gravity sensor. This is Sci-Fi territory!

The screen is excellent and simply overflowing with relevant information that lets you know ALL about your vape.

The extensive security features keeps you and your equipment safe at all times.

All this in a Mod that is just a little bigger than a 18650 battery.

There is a new giant coming from the east and it brings the perfect vape to all of us: The Yihi SX Mini M Class.


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Perhaps the best thing about this mod, is that the Firmware for the SX Mini can be easily downloaded and updated via the USB cable. This means you will never miss out on any new cool feature again. What more can we say?

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  • Chip: YiHi SX350 J
  • High Quality construction in  aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Super egonomical and compact design.
  • Springloaded 510 atomizer connection.
  • 0.91″ OLED screen.
  • Uses 1 x 18650 battery. (Minimum 25A maximum output battery required)
  • Mini USB connection for charging and for updating the Firmware.
  • Three basic modes: Powerfulmoderate and low.
  • Min/max Ohm with use of normal kanthal coil from 0.08 – 3.0 Ohm.
  • Min/max Ohm with use of Ni200 Nickel coil “Joule/tempreture control”  from 0.12 – 1 Ohm.
  • Variable Watt from 5W – 60W (bypass setting from 5W – 85W). By purchasing the extra tube you will be able to use 2 18650 batteries. This will raise the maximum power to 120W.
  • Power adjustment in Watt or Joule/Farenheit/Celcius mode.
  • Joule-mode: 5 Joules – 50 Joules “100C – 300C / 200o F – 580o F” (equals DNA 40).
  • Variable Volt from 1 – 9.5V.
  • Button or gravity sensor controlled Joule/Watt adjustment.
  • Reversed pole protection.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Low resistance/ohm protection.
  • Low Voltage protection.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Dimensions: 95.6mm x 43mm x 25.1mm.


Package comes in a special safety and presentation box with content as follows:
1 x SX Mini M Class mod/e-cigarette.
1 x USB charging / data cable.
1 x Proof of Authenticity.
1 x Thorough and easy to read user manual.

SX Mini M Class does not come with a battery provided. This has to be bought separatly.
*See other colors in accesories or related products
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